About Our Science

In our opinion the most important topics of an organisation today are leadership, resources, efficiency, regulations, innovations and investment decisions. The rapprochement to these topics will be carried out by professional management methods.

The classical model of business administration is a rational economic perspective with focus on profit maximisation as Homo Economicus. As a function of the way of posing a problem different basic scientific approaches are available nowadays.

  • The Behavioral Approach tries to explain interrelated social characteristics between individuals.
  • The Contingency Approach focuses on changing environmental factors and its effects for organizations.
  • The System-Orientated Theory examines all subsystems and the relation between each other.
  • The Constructivism means that individuals range within a self-created and reinvented reality.
  • The Evolutionary Theory describes the reciprocation between mutation and selection to prevail against competition.
  • The Decision-Orientated Theory is engaged in selecting the best alternative.

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